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At Global Pharma QA, we pride ourselves on tailoring our audits and consultancy services to meet your specific needs.

Our audit plans are meticulously developed using a risk-based approach, ensuring thorough regulatory compliance.

Our commitment extends to conducting for-cause audits in instances where concerns arise about potential fraud, misconduct, study deviations or client complaints. To enhance impartiality, we believe it's advantageous to have an independent auditor lead these investigations.


We specialize in GXP Audits, Globally:

  • Animal Facility Audits and critical in-life study procedures (GLP, Non-GLP).

  • Laboratories Audits, analyzing non-clinical/clinical samples (GLP/GCLP including Archive facilities).

  • Non-Regulated / University Labs audidits for Good Practice, reviewing non-regulated/university labs and analyzing samples to ensure compliance with good practice standards and the reliability of study data.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Audits (GMP) 

  • Clinical facilities and trails Audits (GCP)  


Enabling you to find and contract the professional auditor that best suits your needs and location.


We offer flexibility in our approach, utilizing either the Global Pharma QA platform or your SOPs/Templates to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need assistance in developing and delivering a comprehensive Risk-Based Yearly Audit Program or guidance on particular aspects of your Quality System, we are here to support you in achieving excellence in regulatory compliance.

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