Recommendation from an Auditee, Vice President of Regulatory Compliance and Quality Management of a CRO:


"I would like to take this opportunity to commend auditor Orit Galperin. She was auditing for ** and I cannot express strongly enough the positive impact she had on my very young and new staff. They had high anxiety concerning the audit and she came in – made a very nervous situation into a positive, learning experience. She was professional, constructive, engaging – explaining observations or deficiencies so that they learned and understood the process. For me who has over 30 years in the Quality business- it was by far the best constructive and effective audit I have been in.


Thank you from me and my staff!

Best Regards



I get this kind of thankful auditee response almost all the time, with no relevance to the number or severity of observations and it always leads to great collaboration and effective corrective actions. Clients/Sponsors are happy to be taken seriously and CORs Quality is improved!