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We are adept at addressing the global need for remote solutions – introducing our specialized service: REMOTE AUDITS, eliminating the necessity for travel.

Our approach is set by the following key elements:

  1. We have developed robust tools tailored for Remote Audits.

  2. We collaboratively evaluate the benefits and risks inherent in the remote audit process.

  3. We establish effective communication and collaboration channels with the audited sites.

  4. A carefully structured agenda is set for the remote audit, taking into account different time zones.

  5. Utilization of conference calls and interviews with key personnel.

  6. Efficient sharing of documents and access to computerized systems, wherever feasible.

  7. Ahensive reporting, recognizing the limitations associated with remote audits.


Notably, we have emerged as experts in conducting remote audits, a proficiency honed during the challenging times of COVID-19 and sustained thereafter. Our extensive experience encompasses tens of remote audits, rendering us familiar with the varied procedures of numerous CROs, streamlining the process and ensuring that REMOTE AUDITS are both simple and highly effective!


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